Teaching Experience



I am involved in teaching the following at University of Manchester:


1) BSc course - Fundamentals of Management Accounting (2021)  

    Teaching evaluation (Course ongoing)


2) Workshops on Academic Malpractice and Academic writing

    As part of my responsibilities as an academic advisor.

At Tilburg University, I was involved in teaching the following:

1) BSc course - Financial Accounting (2017-2019)  

    Teaching evaluation 4.3/5


2) MSc course - Management Control Systems (2017-2020) 

   No separate evaluation 

3) PhD course - Behavioral Analysis of Accounting (2019-2020)

    Guest Lecturer

Teaching Skills
  • Using tools like Piazza, Padlet, Kahoot and Mentimeter for online classes
  • Interactive mini experiments in the classroom
  • Intuitive examples for concepts
  • Classroom discussions


I have experience in supervising accounting master's students at both University of Manchester and Tilburg University in thesis topics related to:


1) Financial Accounting


2) Management Accounting​